James Rodriguez’s sexy lover is called ‘the other woman’ by netizen

The hot story in the world of social media has just happened, where the new lover of Bayern Munich player, James Rodriguez, who is known to work as an adult magazine model, Shannon de Lima received the title of ‘the other woman’ from netizens.

Responding to this issue, Shannon de Lima looked furious and claimed that her relationship with James occurred after the player divorced with Daniela Ospina, who is the younger sister of the Colombian national team goalkeeper.

The beginning of this hectic conversation was when one of the comments entered on Shannon de Lima’s Instagram account. The comment accused Shannon of being separated from the bed until the story of James Rodriguez’s divorce.

“This woman has made James cheating on Daniela,” wrote the comment @ismael_arango.

Feeling wrong, Shannon de Lima immediately responded to the comment by acknowledging honesty and justification for what he felt with James.

“When someone has divorced for more than two years, it is not an affair. That’s indifference,” replied Shannon de Lima.

Shannon de Lima is known as a woman who was married but had been separated. According to existing records, Shannon de Lima is the ex-wife of singer Marc Anthony, who had divorced in 2016.

James’s sweet relationship with Shannon de Lima began to be heard at the beginning of 2018, when the man dared to introduce Shannon de Lima at the Bayern Munich championship celebrations. Shannon de Lima showed the moment by congratulating James on his hard work that successfully led his team to become champions.

An attack continued, until in Shannon de Lima’s last reply was to point out the unclear comments to stop and take care of other more important things.

“Stop taking care of other people’s lives and talk nonsense. It’s time for you to find a job. You can’t read well,” the last writing was cynical from Shannon de Lima.

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