Jedar finally decided to leave Jakarta and settle in Bali

Jessica Iskandar alias Jedar has returned with a recent post that has caught the attention of netizens and fellow artists. How come? Mother of one son decided to move and settle in Bali Island.

This can be seen from the Instagram account of Richard Kyle’s ex-lover. Jedar uploaded a photo of herself taking a shower with her son, El Barack, while writing down his decision in the caption column.

The 32-year-old woman decided to leave Jakarta and will stay in Bali, she hopes this will be a new start for her little family.

“Dear followers, I and EL Barack decided move to Bali and stay here. Hopefully this will be a new start for us, Amen #bali #balilife,” wrote Jessica Iskandar on her Instagram.

It is known, Jedar and el Barrack have indeed been on vacation in Bali Island for the last few days. It seems that the person concerned feels at home with the atmosphere there, and finally decides to stay.

This announcement then brought comments from a number of fellow artists.

“Alright, all of you there … you definitely miss it,” wrote Gading Martin’s ex-wife, Gisel.
“Wherever you lay, the most important thing is happy always with El,” said Chika Jessica.
“Wait for me … c u kaka my love @inijedar,” said Selvi Kitty.

In Bali, Jedar apparently met Selvi Kitty and finally the two figures enjoyed a vacation together. Jedar at that time had conveyed her intention to stay in Bali to Selvi.

“Yes, she decided to live in Bali,” said Selvi Kitty in her Instagram Stories.
“Yes,” replied Jessica Iskandar.

Many netizens also prayed for Jedar to be happy with her life on the island of Bali.

“Bismillah, I hope we are all happy,” said the evi *** account.
“Please remember, don’t forget to be happy,” said the May *** account.
“Her eyes were swollen, they were crying after all .. keep strong sis .. you can get through all this .. time killing the pains,” explained the sab *** account.

Many assume that Jedar’s decision to move and settle on the island of Bali was due to her separation from Richard Kyle.

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