Jerinx SID dares to be injected with Coronavirus, as long as…

Jerinx, an Indonesian musician who is also known as someone who is often ‘acting up’ on social media. The latest, Superman Is Dead (SID) Band personnel claimed to be ready to be injected or infected with Coronavirus. It’s just that, the conditions are fairly extreme.

COVID-19 is indeed being a pandemic, a threat to all people. The spread of this virus is so massive from day to day, not least in our beloved country, Indonesia. The situation is still not abating, the article is that no precise vaccine has been found for this outbreak.

Many people talk about this virus, not only about vaccines that have not been found or the number of spread that continues to grow, but also about the source of the virus.

Yes, indeed the origins of the Coronavirus have not been revealed yet. Some claim to come from bats, but interestingly, other speculations accuse this virus of being a laboratory engineering by irresponsible parties.

Well, here Jerinx himself is among those who have a second opinion. He even openly expressed his opinion through social media. Suddenly, his opinion ignited arguments or comments from many parties, especially medical personnel.

One of the people or accounts who often argued with Jerinx about this was Dr. Tirta. In fact, the 43-year-old figure plans to open discussions with the Doctor. Interestingly, Jerinx is ready to be given a Coronavirus injection.

He is also ready to have direct physical contact with sufferers of COVID-19, only the conditions he puts forward are very extreme.

“Good morning. If anyone challenges me to the hospital to interact with Covid-19 patientS, or challenge me to be injected with the Covid-19, I will accept the challenge on condition, “Jerinx wrote.

So what are the conditions? If later he is not infected with the virus or survived, then Jerinx asks all parties who voice the Lockdown rule must surrender to the Police to be put into a detention cell.

“If I survive, all doctors in Indonesia, all media crews / celebrities / SJW / musicians / influencers who are proven to still be lockdown, MUST COME TO THE POLICE STATION TO BE SENTENCED, because of the non-effective solution and harming all Indonesian citizens, “he said.

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