Joan Laporta ready to re-sign Neymar if he wins the presidential election

Tifosi Barcelona is trying to be seduced by Joan Laporta to elect him again to be the President of the Club in the future. Concerned even promised that the fans craved, none other than the return of Neymar jr.

Over the last few months, Barcelona’s internal conditions have indeed been hit by a split issue. Spanish media believe that something is wrong with the Catalan giant’s condition.

The news that was spread claimed there was a push for the removal of Josep Maria Bartomeu from the chair of the President next year. Even this speculation seems to be supported by the issue of a split in the club dressing room.

Not to mention the problem that had involved Captain Lionel Messi with club director Eric Abidal. Both had argued over the dismissal of Ernesto Valverde from the manager’s chair in January.

Joan Laporta had previously served as a club president, from 2003 to 2010, and she also openly claimed to want to serve in the same position. Now, he is trying to attract the sympathy of the club’s fans.

One promise he can make is the return of Neymar Jr. In his view, the 28-year-old figure is an extraordinary player and is crucial for the team he defends.

If re-elected as the number one in Barcelona, ​​Laporta is ready to try as hard as possible to realize the transfer discourse.

“They [Barcelona] currently don’t have a clear plan with him [Neymar]. If it were me, I would definitely send him back to Barcelona,” he told Deportes Cuatro.

In addition, Laporta is also ready to give a new contract to Messi. Because the Argentinian Mega Star is at the end of his contract with the Catalan giants. Meanwhile, until now, a new contract agreement has never been reached.

“I don’t think we will have a significant problem renewing Messi’s contract.” he said.

Messi was later rumored with a number of clubs, including Inter Milan. The Italian Serie A giants are believed to be tempting La Pulga to be willing to move closer to the San Siro. So, Barcelona must act quickly to give a new contract.

As for Neymar, PSG will probably set the price at 200 million Euro, a very high number for Barcelona.

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