Joan Mir ready to compete fiercely with Quartararo in the 2021 season

The 2020 World Champion, Joan Mir, seems to know exactly the potential of Monster Energy Yamaha rider Fabio Quartararo. The Suzuki Ecstar rider expects fierce competition with El Diablo in the 2021 campaign.

This was revealed by Joan Mir when asked about their fight with Maverick Vinales at Le Mans, France, last year. In the race which was colored by heavy rain, Joan Mir, who started the race in 14th position, seemed to have difficulty improving his position.

While on the other hand, two Yamaha riders, Maverick Vinales and Fabio Quartararo started racing in Pole and 5th position, instead fell free until they finally competed fiercely with Joan Mir for the 8th place.

The competition of the three of them looked fierce until the finish line, in the end Fabio Quartararo who successfully won the competition and finished in 8th position. Meanwhile, Vinales is in 9th place, followed by Joan Mir in 10th place.

Looking back on the competition, Joan Mir cannot deny that it was a short but very tough competition.

“Our battle at Le Mans is short, but very tight, it cannot be looked down upon. There are Fabio, Maverick and me.”

“I also chased them, overtaking Maverick first, then Fabio. But of course I would love to duel with Fabio, or others, side by side in fighting for victory, “he said.

Despite losing the competition, in the end Joan Mir managed to become the top of the final standings and locked the world title in the 2020 season.

The Spanish rider admitted that the calm he got was inseparable from his experience of becoming the Moto3 world champion in 2017.

“I’ve had the experience of being at the top. For people who fight for world titles in the past, of course that experience is a big help. You can feel the difference compared to people who have never won a title,” he said.

Apart from learning from experience, this 23-year-old man also admitted to learning a lot from the figures of Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez.

“We have seen it from the riders who have won many world titles, like Marc or Vale, in controlling the situation. Marc, who I have seen the closest to winning the title, has also improved his control year after year,” he concluded.

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