Job offers decreasing during Covid, Nikita Mirzani had thought of selling body

Who does not know Nikita Mirzani? This one sexy woman is quite often appear on television screens even have their own programs. But in the past, Nikita had indeed been quiet the offer, even those conditions had made her to think of ‘selling’ herself.

Actually, Nikita Mirzani has been known as a celebrity for a long time, but indeed she does not appear so often on the screen.

Lack of work and a gig offer to make the financial condition of Nikita Mirazani so uncertain. To outsmart her, she also had to take a shortcut by ‘selling’ herself.

“It really wants to sell really. It once crossed my mind (selling myself). ‘Duh, how come I become an artist? Before it was not famous like now. Nothing yet, “Nikita said, quoted by Melaney Richardo’s YouTube show.

The 34-year-old woman then asked her friends to offer herself to the masher men. Ironically, no one is interested in using the services of Dipo Latief’s ex-wife.

“Then I say to my friend,” if you have a friend, you will market them if I sell. But, it turns out that these girls, the uncles were never interested in my model like this, “continued Nikita.

In fact, at that time Nikita Mirzani had a sexy curves and she also often appeared open in front of the camera. The artist did not understand why no masher man was interested in using his service at the time.

The ex-wife of Sajad Sukra can only assume that she is most likely devoid of interest because of her status as a former convict and has a tattoo that adorns almost her entire body.

“There have been a lot of tattoos, I’ve been in prison too at that time. Then if the model laughs like this, please, “lid Nikita.

Fortunately, the life of Nikita Mirzani is slowly changing for the better, she now has many offers to appear on private television shows. Her financial condition was not as bad as before, so maybe Nikita was grateful because at that time nobody was interested in the service.

Nikita is also quite active in the social media, she receiving many endorsers that make her earn lot of money from that.

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