John Terry teased a pretty businesswoman?

The former Chelsea player, John Terry can be regarded as a playboy figure. He has been teased several times to tempt sexy women, including what he did recently. Terry mentioned trying to attract the attention of beautiful British businesswoman, Danielle Armstrong.

Based on existing data, Terry looks busy in action giving likes to Danielle’s Instagram account every time he posts. According to existing records, Terry has given 35 likes to Danielle’s post.

The most horrendous here when Terry mentioned most liked the post Danielle who was wearing underwear with her sexy friends like Ferne McCann and Hayley Hughes. Danielle’s busy life is not only an entrepreneur, but also has been a well-known presenter of TOWIE, a talk show in the UK.

Danielle, 30 years has been known to have done a diet program for the past few years. In fact, she must consume supplements to quickly get the body that she wants. Referring to Terry’s attitude, it is known that this is not the first, he also did the same thing to a beautiful woman named Holly Willoughby, with 35 photos.

If dissecting Terry’s attitude, then this is a trick to raise the prestige of Danielle. Basically, all this is clear that Danielle is now married to Daniel Spiller, an English soccer player, who plays for Herne Bay.

Heard a gossip that Terry has a good relationship with Danielle. Where the husband of Danielle is a friend of the Chelsea legend. This was conveyed directly by Danielle’s friend by saying “Danielle’s boyfriend is friends with John Terry. Only friends who support friends. “

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