Jorge Lorenzo admits his life has changed after retirement

Jorge Lorenzo, the Spaniard is known as one of the best, because he was once a world champion in three editions. Even so, as a rider, the question itself still has haters or haters.

During active on the racing circuit, Jorge Lorenzo is known as one of the best riders, rivals or strong competitors of the Italian Rider, Valentino Rossi. Considering Rossi himself has a lot of fans in various parts of the world, it’s no wonder that Lorenzo’s haters come from these circles.

The haters continued to attack and jeered Jorge Lorenzo’s performance on several occasions. Until finally the person concerned decided to hang the machine aka retire in 2019 yesterday.

Lorenzo’s decision to retire cannot be separated from a prolonged back injury he experienced. Now after retiring, Lorenzo said his life had changed. Especially about how fans have valued their figures so far.

“People forget positive or negative things quickly. Now over time, fans have begun to understand me or I have indeed changed as a person. “I think some of them were touched by my press conference in Valencia,” Lorenzo said.

Aside from the fans’ ratings, Jorge Lorenzo also felt another significant change. He claimed to be able to enjoy life more after retiring from the racing circuit.

“Now I no longer depend on being a manufacturer team racer and working for a sponsor. I can show the real life that I live. Like what is wanted on social networking, “So said the former Ducati Corse Rider.

Jorge Lorenzo may retire, but he still wants to contribute in the racing world. As a result, Lorenzo received an offer from Yamaha to become a motorcycle testing team this 2020 season.

The job as a test racer is not as heavy as if someone is the main racer in MotoGP, so Lorenzo looks very happy. At least, this job does not interfere with his back which is in trouble.

While Valentino Rossi is likely to retire in the near future, after officially being thrown out of the Yamaha Monster Team this season.

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