Jorginho’s agent opens door for Juventus

Jorginho is arguably a clever anchor midfielder and with Chelsea the successful player describes the coach’s tactics to stabilize his team’s play. With this success, a news emerged from Jorginho’s agent who mentioned his client could move to Juventus in the transfer market next season.

Jorginho with Chelsea is arguably only a short while, where he came in the 2018 season from Napoli as part of Maurizio Sarri’s grand plans. Had a brilliant appearance at the beginning of the season and declined with the presumption of Chelsea’s dead card again, but luckily, Jorginho returned to the peak of his performance.

Jorginho’s best achievement with Chelsea is to present the top three in the English Premier League 2018-2019 and qualify for the Europa League finals. These two statuses are quite sufficient to confirm that Jorginho is tolerable. Interestingly here, when Sarri is rumored to be leaving Chelsea, then comes the face of Juventus, who are ready to accommodate the coach.

Sarri claimed to be suitable as a substitute for the position of Massimiliano Allegri, who finally decided to cooperate with Juventus in the next season. Through his agent, Joao Santos then suggested that if Sarri moved, then Jorginho would also move as it had happened before.

“Until now I don’t know it, I think Chelsea is focused on the European League Final. For Jorginho, it was a rather brilliant season. Playing in 50 matches and finishing third in the Premier League, he is in the European League Final and plays for the Italian national team,” said the agent.

“He is a professional and not a fan of Napoli. The city there he likes, but he can’t say he doesn’t want to play with other teams.”

Not to stop at Jorginho’s plan, the agent also issued his opinion about the chances of Napoli in ending Juventus’ status as Italian Scudetto champions. He admitted that it was very impossible to happen as Juventus was a big team that was strong and qualified.

Here the agent tries to give an example of how the English Premier League can be conquered by Leicester City and ultimately returns to the phase that previously happened.

“When he stopped in football, he could reason as a fan. I think it’s important for Napoli to strengthen its team so they can compete with Juventus. Leicester won the Premier League a few years ago,” he concluded.

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