Jose Mourinho, the source of El Clasico bad atmosphere

Barcelona’s legend, Andres Iniesta condemned the bad influence presented by the Portuguese coach, Jose Mourinho at the current El Clasico atmosphere. Yes, according to the former Spanish National Team, the coach who manages Manchester United, is a figure that makes El Clasico’s tension rise, making the meeting between Real Madrid and Barcelona leave the impression of heat, even presenting a bad atmosphere for the players in the national team.

El Clasico is indeed a prestigious meeting, full of tension from time immemorial. There was no bad atmosphere between the two teams before, with their competition more cool. It was also seen from the collaboration between Real Madrid and Barcelona players in the Spanish National Team, when they won Euro 2008, the 2010 World Cup and Euro 2012.

Unfortunately, the atmosphere has changed since the incident of the Barcelona massacre against the rival in 2012. At that time, Barcelona managed to win with a score of 6-2, but there were many quarrels and controversies that occurred throughout the game. Not only involves the players of both teams, but also coaches and official staff. Red card until the referee was sent to Sergio Ramos at that time. Since then, the atmosphere of El Clasico always seems hot.

Iniesta also assumed that it all started from Jose Mourinho, how the Portuguese coach instructed his players before the match took place, where Real Madrid players were ordered to provoke the emotions of Barcelona players.

“You don’t need to be at Barcelona or Real Madrid to know and realize that the situation is not pleasant. The key component of all the [bad] stories that were present was Jose Mourinho. Anyone who doesn’t want to see the scene [El Clasico], is radical. Even though, you will never see the rivalry that is now formed. ”

“Everything has exceeded the limit. Now you will only see hatred [in El Clasico]. The [bad] atmosphere continues to grow and its influence is unbearable. Barca-Madrid tension caused by Mourinho, also damaged the Spanish national team and [relations] between players there, “said Iniesta, as quoted by La Sexta.

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