Jose Mourinho will make Spurs win first title

Just now, Tottenham Hotspur had their first defeat under the direction of Jose Mourinho, precisely in the match against Manchester United earlier this morning. Even so, the defeat did not necessarily make Lucas Moura doubted the quality of the Portuguese manager. He believes, The Special One can bring Spurs won the inaugural trophy.

About two weeks ago, Jose Mourinho finally got a new job after 11 months of being unemployed. He was appointed Tottenham Hotspur to become the new coach, replacing Pochettino who a few hours earlier was kicked out of the manager’s chair. The figure from Portugal was contracted for three and a half seasons.

Of course, a difficult task awaits Jose Mourinho at Tottenham. The former Manchester United manager was demanded to return the Lilywhites to the Premier League’s top flight, as a series of poor results had been swallowed up by Spurs, which was the forerunner of Pochettino’s dismissal.

Although heavy, but Lucas Moura still believes Mourinho can give the first title for Spurs, the article the former Real Madrid manager was already familiar with the trophy, where he has collected 25 trophies throughout his career as a coach.

“I really believe in him, we have to continue the performance that we have done for the past five years, and now with a special touch from a coach who really understands how to win titles. So, that (won first place) can happen”

“Without a doubt, Jose Mourinho is one of the most iconic coaches I have ever worked with based on everything he has achieved and his history. He is one of the best coaches in the world. I feel, I am honored to be able to work with him,” Lucas said Moura to A Bola.

Furthermore, apart from beliefs about the collective championship trophy, the former Saint-Germain paris player is also confident of developing individually.

“I can learn from his figure, I will absorb as much knowledge as possible from him. He brings confidence to the team because he has achieved many things in the world of football. I personally can still contribute through notch goals, I’m sure I can do better. I really want to win titles with Tottenham. And I really believe it, especially because of the structure, our squad and he is a coach who has won many titles in many places,” said Lucas Moura.

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