Jose Mourinho’s achievements in MU should be respected

The dismissal of Jose Mourinho from the Manchester United coach’s seat at the beginning of last week left a bad impression, as if the Portuguese manager had failed to carry out his duties properly as coach of the Red Devils over the past two and a half years. In fact, Mourinho’s legacy is worthy of appreciation and the Portuguese coach is very well deserved, according to defender Luke Shaw.

Jose Mourinho, 55, was initially appointed manager of Manchester United in the summer of 2016, to replace Louis Van Gaal, who was sacked at the end of the 2015/16 season. Initially, a lot of hope hung on the shoulders of the former Real Madrid coach, given his pretty good reputation and the fact that Manchester United really needed a title after fasting for quite a long time.

Sure enough, in his first season Mourinho won the League Cup title, FA Community Shield and League Cup. In his second season or last season, Mourinho failed to present the title, but United were led to finish 2nd in the Premier League final, the best position the Red Devils have achieved since Sir Alex Ferguson’s abandonment. While at the beginning of this season, United did record a poor performance, the peak of the 3-1 defeat by Liverpool at Anfield made the coach nicknamed The Special One was ejected from the manager’s seat.

The dismissal was quite shocking and in fact it was the 3rd successive dismissal that Jose Mourinho experienced in a row after previously suffering a similar fate when dealing with Real Madrid, then Chelsea. The impression is indeed bad, but according to Luke Shaw, what Mourinho has given for two and a half seasons to handle United, deserves respect.

“It’s very unpleasant when something of that magnitude happens at this club, but I think we as players and as a team show respect for what happened,”

“One might quickly forget what Mourinho did for United – three trophies he won – he did many things. One trophy that we have never won before. He took us to reach trophies in one season so people had to respect him and remember what he did not only for us as a team, but also for fans,” said Shaw.

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