Journey to top standings become further, this is Andrea Pirlo’s excuses

Most of the public believes that Juventus’ chances of retaining the Serie A title this season are running low, especially after being defeated by Inter Milan. So, how does coach Andrea Pirlo respond to this?

As is known, Juventus visited the Giuseppe Meazza in the Italian Serie A continued earlier today (18/01).

When the game has only been running for 12 minutes, the Bianconneri’s goal has already been missed by their former player, Arturo Vidal. Not long ago, Inter Milan doubled their lead through a goal by Nicolo Barella.

The 2-0 lead for Inter Milan’s host lasted until the end of the match, and of course it was clear the look on the faces of the Juventus players’ disappointment after the match.

How come? The defeat made Juventus drop to fifth with a collection of 33 points. They are further away from the top of the standings, AC Milan, who have collected 40 points so far.

It is very natural that the public increasingly thinks that Juve’s chances of defending the Scudetto title are running low. It is not impossible that the title that has been won 8 times in a row will end in this 2020/21 season.

However, when speaking to Sky Sports Italia after the match, coach Andrea Pirlo was reluctant to feel anxious. According to the Allenatore, this is only a stumbling block for Juventus.

“Our ambition remains the same. We slip against a strong team, things like this happen a lot, but I am more disappointed with the attitude of the players,”

“A team like Juventus must come here with high confidence and ambition, a desire to take the initiative and also control the game in a certain direction, but we play shyly,” said Pirlo.

Furthermore, the tactician spoke about the performance of his players which he admitted was far from satisfactory, especially about the slow passing rhythm.

“We were too slow in passing and done between the defenders, not the midfielders. We want to create a situation where Chiesa can get past the team or [Aaron] Ramsey can be in between the lines,”

“It didn’t happen, because we were moving too slowly and too deep, so we couldn’t pull the Inter player out of position, we were too predictable,” Pirlo said again.

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