Julian Nagelsmann responds to issue of replacing Zidane next season

RB Leipzig manager Julian Nagelsmann is reportedly the main target for Real Madrid to replace Zinedine Zidane in the managerial chair next season. The man from Germany finally opened his voice about the rumors.

Indeed, the 33-year-old coach has been a byword since he was still handling Hoffenheim. How come? He is already the coach of the German Bundesliga team at the age of 28.

After being linked with several clubs, Nagelsmann finally agreed to handle the top Bundesliga club, RB Leipzig. Remarkably, last season he was able to deliver the club to the semifinals of the European Champions League.

Overall, the 33-year-old man has a pretty good career track record. Especially in the German Bundesliga, where he was able to bring RB Leipzig to become Bayern Munich’s main competitor in the last two seasons.

Naturally, this slick record made Nagelsmann ogled by a number of European giants, especially since he is still very young for a coach. It is said, teams like Chelsea and Real Madrid crave the tactician’s services.

Speculation of Chelsea’s interest in Julian Nagelsmann was even more pronounced when the Blues fired Frank Lampard earlier this week. However, in the end the Premier League club appointed Thomas Tuchel as their coach.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid is currently still being handled by Zinedine Zidane, but it is very likely that the French man will leave this position because of the unharmonious relationship with President Florentino Perez.

Responding to these speculations, Julian Nagelsmann seems calm, he knows that not all rumors that are circulating can be accounted for.

“There must be worse things to read. But, I also know that not everything that is written is always true,” Nagelsmann told Sky Sports.

It is said that Chelsea are actually very interested in Nagelsmann, but the main problem is RB Leipzig, where they are reluctant to let go of the coach in mid-season.

It’s a different story if Lampard’s dismissal takes place at the end of the season, considering that there are many options that RB Leipzig can choose as his replacement.

For that reason, Real Madrid is claimed to be more likely to get Nagelsmann’s signature at the end of the season.

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