Julian Nagelsmann reveals he ever rejected Real Madrid’s offer

The young tactician from Germany, Julian Nagelsmann, admitted that he had rejected a tempting offer from Real Madrid. However, the RB Leipzig coach emphasized that it did not mean that he was not interested in the offer.

The 33-year-old coach has indeed captured the public’s attention, when he was still in charge of Hoffenheim first. So it’s only natural that Real Madrid are eyeing his serve.

In fact, it is reported that Nagelsmann’s name was believed to replace Zinedine Zidane’s role. As is known, the French coach did leave Real Madrid after successfully presenting the Champions League trophy for three consecutive seasons.

At that time, Nagelsmann’s name was most widely associated with the Real Madrid managerial chair. But in the end, they chose Julen Lopetegui to fill the seat.

However, Real Madrid’s plan to recruit Julan Nagelsmann is true. This was confirmed by the coach who is now in charge of RB Leipzig.

However, at that time, he turned down a tantalizing offer from the Spanish La Liga Champion, because he felt that it was still not the right time.

“We talked over the phone, but in the end, it was me who made the decision,”

“I believe that it is not the right time to move to Real madrid. I am one of the candidates and the list is not that long,” he told Marca ahead of their Champions League quarter-final match against Atletico Madrid.

This refusal does not mean that Julian Nagelsmann is not interested in handling Real Madrid. He even admitted that he would be happy to accept this offer in the future, provided he was available while Los Blancos were looking for a new manager.

“I was baseball with Jose Angel Sanchez and we decided that this was not the right step. We agreed that we could talk again in the future if Real Madrid needed a coach, and if I was available,” he concluded.

When he handled Hoffenheim first, Julian Nagelsmann was still 28 years old, but he was able to make the German club a dark horse team in the Bundesliga.

As a result, he was recruited by RB Leipzig and this season made a surprise by bringing his club to finish in 3rd place in the Bundesliga. In addition, Leipzig can also reach the quarter-finals of the European Champions League.

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