Jurgen Klopp admits to be annoyed by goalless draw against Manchester United

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp cannot deny that he was quite annoyed by the goalless draw against Manchester United last weekend.

The Premier League match which took place at Anfield on Sunday night WIB (17/08) ended with the score equally strong at 0-0. Even with this result, it means that the two teams must be willing to only share one point.

But here, Liverpool is more in the spotlight, considering that the Merseyside Team is tantamount to extending their poor record of failing to score against opponents in the last three matches at the Premier Legaue event.

Opta Joe released the fact that this was the first time since 2005 for Liverpool that they failed to score a goal against an opponent in three consecutive matches.

Meanwhile, in the match against Manchester United yesterday, Jurgen Klopp’s men seemed to dominate, with a record 17 shots but only three of them were aimed at goal.

No wonder, after the match, coach Jurgen Klopp seemed annoyed by this fact.

“With all the things said before the game – they were flying and we were having a hard time – my boys put in a good game tonight,” he added.

“In the first half of the counter-press we were good, we had good feedback. However, we didn’t score. That’s the most important thing in football. The second half was a little more open. They had two good chances – Alisson made two good saves, “Klopp told Sky Sports.

Furthermore, the man from Germany spoke about the fact that his team had not scored against the opponent in the last three matches in a row in the Premier League.

“There is no easy explanation. You always miss opportunities. You have to keep trying and try to ignore the talk around you. Everyone wants to see goals. You can’t force it, ”

“This is football. Something like this happened. You have moments where you can’t explain why you are scoring goals from all angles. Against Crystal Palace it all became goals. “The period between these two moments is a little irritating,” he continued.

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