Jurgen Klopp tipped to bring in James Maddison

Liverpool‘s development this season attracted the attention of the Reds football legend, Steve McMahon. On his occasion, McMahon suggested to Liverpool to bring in James Maddison in the January 2020 winter transfer market.

Speaking of Maddison’s quality, the record has continued to show impressive performances at Leicester City since being bought from Norwich City. When referring to that status, it’s no wonder McMahon is so relied on by his team now.

His last slick appearance was when he managed to score one goal against Liverpool in the English Premier League continued last weekend. The success of scoring one goal also added 3 goals and two assists from 8 matches in all competitions.

Appearances that continue to increase makes McMahon figure so popular with many elite Premier League clubs. One club that is claimed to be interested in hijacking it is Liverpool. Following this issue, it is certain that Leicester will fight to defend Maddison at King Power Stadium.

Apart from that, confidence emerged from the figure of Mcmahon, who saw there was still a gap to get Maddison’s autograph that would not always last at Leicester.

“I want to see where he survives, there are times and this is not disrespect for Leicester, I wonder if Maddison will make a decision like Maguire and think whether I will go for a medal, whether I will go for money,” McMahon said.

“I think he will survive Leicester for a very long time. I really am not. I think Maddison has another level. I think there is a top team, if not Liverpool, then United maybe, they will support it. He will develop.”

Liverpool are said to still want to get the services of a midfielder after losing Philippe Coutinho who went to Barcelona, according to McMahon, Jurgen Klopp deserves to fight for Maddison.

“There is no view of me seeing Maddison sitting on the bench [in a big club]. Let say he came to Liverpool, I did not send James Maddison away, but if I were Klopp, I would recruit the player,” McMahon continued.

Liverpool now have a lot of experienced midfielders, but McMahon doesn’t see any major flaws in Maddison because he believes he will be able to adapt to Klopp’s coaching style.

“Still young, and he was born in England, he has many things. He changed the tempo of the game, why can’t he be in Liverpool midfield? Henderson has been replaced forever with Milner, Keita did not come quickly, Fabinho is a defender in midfield,”

“The position is already in Liverpool for him. If he comes and he shines, and he completes his work ethic, I see no reason why he can’t get in there,” McMahon concluded.

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