Juventus being called “lick its own spit”?

Juventus are deemed to have “licked its own spit” regarding Maurizio Sarri’s dismissal after exiting the European Champions League.

The defending champions of Italian Serie A face Lyon in the second leg of the last 16 of the European Champions League on Saturday morning WIB (8/08).

In that match, Juventus did win with a final score of 2-1, so the aggregate turned out to be as strong as 2-2. However, the Bianconneri remained out, due to the away goals rule.

Before the match, Juventus had denied rumors claiming that they would fire Sarri, if they failed go to the quarter-finals.

In fact, the director, Fabio Paratici said that the club did not make a decision just because of the result of one match. But the opposite happened.

Less than 24 hours after that failure, Juve actually fired the former Napoli coach. Then, they appointed Andrea Pirlo, who recently just had a coaching license.

It is for this reason that Juventus are called “lick its own spit”, but director Fabio Paratici tries to explain the reasons behind the dismissal.

“We have made an evaluation before the result against Lyon. We have said before, one match does not determine the future of a coach,”

“Our evaluation is based on the whole season and not just one game. The decision to appoint Pirlo is very natural, according to the Juventus’ style, because he is a person who always keep in touch with people here,” Paratici told Sky Sport Italia.

Not only is this decision being questioned by the public, but also the decision to appoint Pirlo as his successor.

He is indeed a successful former Juventus player, even worthy of being considered a club legend. But the fact is that Pirlo only just pocketed a coaching license at the end of 2019.

However, Paratici remains confident in the Maestro’s abilities, because he knows very well the ins and outs of Juventus.

“We also believe that he is destined to be a great figure. He was a player and we feel with confidence he can do the same as a coach,”

“Personality itself is sometimes more important than a professional figure, so we have no doubts about Pirlo as a person,” he concluded.

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