Juventus Benarkan Kontrak Baru Paulo Dybala Sedang Dalam Proses

Juventus Confirmed Paulo Dybala’s Contract is in Progress

The mystery of Paulo Dybala’s fate in Turen seems to have begun tho shed some light. Juventus director Fabio Paraciti confirmed that the management is currently seeking talks with the Argentine star’s represintetative about a new contract.
Previeously, it was necessary to know that Dybala’s own contract still remains until 2022, but if the situation continues, the ex-Palermo could could move to another heart next season.
This reason makes Dybala’s future became a hot topic in Italian media. More over, the new coach Andrea Pirlo also seems to rarely rely on Dybala to be the starting line-up this season.
However, the player’s lack of play time is not due to his declining performance, but because of his physical condition which has been hit several times by injuries.
But despite these facts, Dybala has not been able to show his maximum performance. He even just packed three goals and two assists from 16 matches in all competitions.
This was also admitted by Fabio Paratici, where according to him Dybala’s performance was indeed inconsistent, sometimes good in one match, and in other games it looks bad.
“Dybala is still having some problems, his performance is swinging, some days he is a little better, then some days he is a little worse,” Paratici said to Sky Sport Italia.
However, this fact did not necessarily discourage Juventus from extending the attacker’s 27-year contract. Paratici confirmed that currently Dybala’s new contract is being discussed by the management.
“We are currently talking about a contract extension, we will continue to talk about it in the next few days or months,” he concluded.
The same thing was said by Jose Anton as Dybala’s transfer agent. He confirmed that currently there are preparations to discuss the matter of his client’s new contract.
“Paulo Dybala is a Juventus player and is happy to be that. We are working with the club to renew his contract in preparation as usual,” he told Calciomercato.it.
Juventus itself has just won over Crotone in the Italian Serie A continued.

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