Juventus denies Higuain’s transfer to AC Milan

Defending Serie A champions Italy, Juventus are believed to have reached an agreement with their rival, AC Milan to loan his striker Gonzalo Higuain for the next season. However, this was later denied by the Bianconneri through their chief director, Beppe Marotta.

Lately, there have been many transfer issues heard in a number of European media, including the issue of the transfer of Argentine striker, Gonzalo Higuain to AC Milan with a loan deal for one season ahead. This move itself is nothing but based on the arrival of the Portuguese mega star, Cristiano Ronaldo some time ago.

With the arrival of the 33-year-old, Gonzalo Higuain Praktis is threatened with being ousted from the main squad directed by Massimilliano Allegri next season. He does not want to just be a coating, that’s why the former Real Madrid player plans to leave Turin. Lately there have been Chelsea and AC Milan who are believed to be the Argentine players’ goals.

Based on the latest news that has been heard, El Pipita have agreed to join AC Milan, as the loan agreement reached for the next season between the Rossoneri and Juventus. However, this news was then dismissed by Juventus CEO, Beppe Marotta, where in fact there was no agreement whatsoever reached regarding Gonzalo Higuain.

“No, we have not agreed anything about that [Higuain’s transfer],” told Giuseppe Marotta to Goal International.

According to the report, AC Milan will not immediately buy Higuain. They will borrow the player for one season first with a permanent option at the end of the loan period. The move was taken by Milan because they were still subject to FFP sanctions. But it can be said for now the report is still limited to mere figments.

This news could be a breath of fresh air for the English Premier League giants, Chelsea are believed to also crave Higuain in the summer transfer window this year. The reason is, the Blues feel disappointed with the appearance of Alvaron Morata, especially their new coach, Maurizio Sarri, knows very well how the 30-year-old player is performing when both are still working at Napoli.

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