Juventus Tersingkir dari UCL, Fabio Capello Kritik Cristiano Ronaldo

Juventus Eliminated From UCL, Fabio Capello Criticizes Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the former Juventus coaches, Fabio Capello, blamed Cristiano Ronaldo for the Bianconneri’s elimination from the European Champions League this season. In fact, according to him, the Portuguese mega star was the culprit for Juventus’ failure.

As is known, Juventus played a duel in the second leg of the last 16 of the European Champions League against FC Porto early in the morning WIB (10/03). In the match itself, the Bianconneri won 3-2.

However, in reality the victory was not enough to make Juventus step into the last eight.

Indeed, the aggregate is as strong as 4-4, however, FC Porto is superior on away goals on aggregate because it creates more away goals (2 goals) than Juventus (1 goal).

Initially, Juventus were in a 2-1 lead in the second leg of the duel, but because the score did not change so that the aggregate became the same, the match was continued into extra time.

This is where Sergio Oliveira successfully scored a goal from a free kick, where Cristiano Ronaldo, who is one of the fences of life, is considered to have made a fatal mistake so that the executor can easily find a gap to direct the ball into the goal.

Juve did reply through Adrien Rabiot’s goal, but the 3-2 position did not change until the game ended.

It is for this reason that Fabio Capello called Cristiano Ronaldo the source of Juventus’ defeat.

“It was an unforgivable mistake. In my day you pick players who are the fences of life and they can’t be someone who is afraid of the ball. ”

“They are scared of the ball and jump away from it, turning their backs. That is unforgivable, “said Capello when he became a match commentator on Sky Sport Italia.

Furthermore, Capello also criticized the senior Juventus players who seemed reluctant to speak in front of journalists after the match, even those who were still young who answered questions from journalists.

“You only see the youngest players who really step in and show their faces in difficult moments. In this team, there are some veterans who show up when they win to take credit, then don’t show up when they lose, “Capello said.

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