Juventus has made Paul Pogba’s performance more powerful

Since joining Old Trafford in the 2016 summer transfer market, many people believe that French midfielder, Paul Pogba was unable to perform consistently on the pitch, and rarely released his best abilities, different when he was dressed in Juventus. Regarding this, the legend of the Red Devils, Paul Scholes, considered that Pogba was like that because Juventus made it even more powerful.

Paul Pogba, this 25-years-old player was actually one of the products of the Manchester United academy, which then left freely for free transfer in 2012 to Juventus. Together with the defending champions of Serie A Italy, Pogba did appear brilliantly by helping the team defend the Scudetto for 4 consecutive years and reach the final round of the European Champions League once.

Then, in the 2016 summer transfer market, Pogba was redeemed by Manchester United with a pocket that broke the world transfer record at that time, 100 million Euros. Unfortunately, since returning to Old Trafford, Pogba is considered still not able to release its best capabilities to date. In fact, those concerned often get criticism from a number of parties.

Regarding this situation, legend Paul Scholes considers that at Manchester United, Pogba does not have the right tandem partner, as for example at Juventus, he has Pirlo’s Andrea who is playing fantastic.
“Pogba does some of the best in matches, bait or great dribbles, as well as touch. Then, five minutes later, he did the worst thing as his mind went out, everything was like him because he had already shown how good he was.”

“We have never seen anything like that at Juventus, but Pogba there is a smaller fish. Look around him, there is [Gianluigi] Buffon, [Andrea] Pirlo, [Leonardo] Bonucci, [Giorgio] Chiellini, [Claudio] Marchisio, they are all great and experienced players. I like that team, especially Pirlo and the way he controls the game is very relaxed. Pogba was once part of a great team but he came to United where no one controlled himself like at Juventus.” told Scholes to ESPN.

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