Juventus negotiating a new contract with Moise

Italian Serie A champion, Juventus looks busy in the affairs of binding Moise Kean in the long term. Seeing this situation, it can be claimed that Juventus do not want to lose the best Italian young talent, thus they are ready to give a new contract to the player.

Kean himself was the original production of the Juventus academy, and he emerged as one of Juventus’ future players and also the Italian national team as an attacker. For this appearance, Kean was named the youngest player to successfully record his time with Juventus this season.

Overall, Kean has an outstanding appearance, he has been able to score three goals in his last three matches in Serie A, resulting in many European elite clubs waiting for his signature in the upcoming 2019 summer transfer market. On that basis, why Juventus moved quickly in matters of binding Kean’s contract for longer.

Juventus actually put great hopes from Kean who is considered to have abilities above the average of other players, and they believe that Kean will be the figure of Juventus’ future attacker who turns off the opponent’s goal. Investigated, Juventus and Kean are in talks.

Deeper said if Juventus had prepared a five-season contract value for Kean. Not only that, Juventus also plans to release a clause for the release of Kean’s contract with a value of 50 million Euros.

Luckily for Juventus because Kean welcomed this plan. However, the players are still waiting for guaranteed minutes of play given by Juventus, given their squad is filled with world-class players, which can weigh on young players like Kean to develop.

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