Juventus retreated from the hunt for Adrien Rabiot

The El Clasico duo, Real Madrid and Barcelona claimed to have lost one of their competitors in an effort to land the young French midfielder, Adrien Rabiot in the summer transfer window this year. Trusted, defending champions Italy Serie A, Juventus have retreated from the hunt for the 23-year-old figure.

Adrien Rabiot has been linked with defending champions Italy Serie A for two years, Juventus. At that time Rabiot was in his final year with Paris Saint-Germain, while Bianconneri had lost his mainstay midfielder, Paul Pogba. Naturally, then Juventus is associated with Rabiot who is believed to have the potential to become a future star.

Unfortunately, at that time Juventus failed to convince the player to dock in Turin, Rabiot decided to stay at PSG and agreed a new three-year contract with the French Ligue 1 Giant. At present, the contract is only one year left, and the situation is reportedly exploited by a number of European giants, Juventus is one of them. Bianconneri is believed to be considering Rabiot as their main target, if the midfielder Miralem Pjanic accepts an offer from Real Madrid,

However, in the end Juventus reportedly resigned from the transfer target after Pjanic chose to stay in Turin.

Nevertheless, the report also claims that Juventus have not completely withdrawn from the hunt for Rabiot. They still expect the presence of the player in Turin. They considered Rabiot to be above average. For that they still hope to bring in the player in the future. Juventus are rumored to be waiting for next season.

If Barcelona and Real Madrid fail to get it, then they will try to bring it to Turin for free considering the contract will expire next year. PSG itself reportedly will only release Rabiot this summer if there is a team that dares to pay with a dowry of 50 million Euros this summer.

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