Juventus send ‘interested’ signal in PSG’s defense stars

Juventus are so massive in the world of the 2019 summer transfer market, they have just given rise to a positive signal about their intention to bring in the star of the defense line of Paris Saint Germain, Marquinhos. The appearance of this news clearly provides an answer that the Bianconeri are planning to strengthen the team’s defense for next season.

Juventus are the team with the longest dominance in the Italian Serie A, until now they have successfully won the Italian best league eight times in a row. Since 2011, Juventus managed to outperform the big Serie A teams such as Inter Milan, AC Milan, Napoli and AS Roma in the matter of winning the title.

The secret that many people already know is that Juventus’ defense is solid, so that their defense is very difficult to penetrate by the opposing team. Since fronting Andrea Barzagli, Leonardo Bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini, Juventus has a reputation as the best defense team in Italy and even Europe.

Now all began to change as the figure of Andrea Barzagli decided to hang shoes from Professional football. On that basis, Juventus need a new defender figure at least comparable to the quality of previous players.

Based on sources within Juventus, they are ready to launch an offer to PSG to let Marquinhos go. Juventus’ interest in Marquinhos was very clear, because the player was in the squad of the best French team, and that experience might help them become even stronger.

Marquinhos came to Paris from AS Roma in the 2013 season, it did not take long, the player immediately adjusted to playing Neymar cs. Evidently, the duet with Thiago Silva made the PSG defense more solidly penetrated by the opposing players.

At the age of 25 years, Juventus believes that Marquinhos has a bright future and sees its development be even better than before. As for the way Juventus get Marquinhos is clearly very difficult, where his contract is a long-term contract at Parc Des Princes.

For now, Marquinhos and PSG have entered into a contract agreement until the upcoming 2022 season. Investigated, PSG only wants to release the player in the price range of 75 million Euros. So far there has been no explanation from both sides, but certainly Juventus are really looking for a new defender in an effort to regain a solid defense next season.

Interestingly here, Juventus are still trying to walk in balance as they are also preoccupied with trying to get the services of a new coach to replace Massimiliano Allegri, who has been confirmed to leave Juventus next season.

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