Juventus should be able to win bigger at Old Trafford

Juventus managed to maintain their position at the top of the group H standings, after returning to gain 3 points from a visit to Old Trafford early morning (24/10). Faced with the host of Manchester United, the defending champions of Serie A Italy won a narrow 1-0 win, but according to Defender Giorgio Chiellini, with such a ferocious performance, especially in the first half, the Old Lady should be able to package a bigger victory.

As is known, Juventus had previously been at the top of the standings thanks to victory in their first two matches, each against Valencia and BSC Young Boys. But, they were undoubtedly able to maintain the positive trend when they travel to Old Trafford, following a draw obtained in the Italian Serie A party against Genoa three days earlier, or last weekend.

But, Juventus remain Juventus, they show their experience and maturity in the match at Old Trafford. A number of golden opportunities were recorded by Max Allegri’s squad, and one successful attempt through Paulo Dybala. 1-0 advantage lasted until the game was over, although there were several threats from the host camp at the end of the second half.

This result is certainly fun for Juventus, the captain and mainstay defender Giorgio Chiellini was also pleased with the performance of his colleagues, especially in the first round. Even according to Chiellini with such a performance, Juventus should be able to achieve a bigger victory.

“We were outstanding in the first half, moving, maintaining constant possession. We should be able to win big, and unfortunately we only won 1-0. We were a little tired and too static in the second half because Manchester United were a tough team when they counterattacked.”

“I am sure, we are learning and improving from this fight, because this is still the initial stage of the season. A draw with Genoa came after the international break, while in that game we were a little too satisfied.”

“But that complacency is not a risk when facing a game as class as United. I can’t play the way I did ten years ago, but I can read the game well and it makes me use a little energy, so I remain in the best condition in crucial moments,” told Chiellini to Sky Sport Italia.

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