Juventus still cares about Pogba, but it is too early to reunite

Defending champions of Italian Serie A, Juventus, through sporting director Fabio Paratici, said that they still care about the former player, Paul Pogba regarding the current situation of the French midfielder at Manchester Untied.

For information, Paul Pogba is actually one of the players trained by the Manchester United academy. However, his name began to evaporate to the surface since joining Juventus in 2012, where he was given the opportunity to appear more.

Four years after playing brilliantly with the Bianconneri, Pogba returns to Old Trafford, but no longer on a free transfer. Manchester United at that time had to pay 105 million Euro to repatriate their former players.

However, his second period with Manchester United was difficult. Pogba is often the target of criticism, most recently he was even called the culprit of the Red Devils’ defeat to Arsenal last weekend.

In fact, this situation has dragged on and peaked in the summer of last year when it was rumored that Pogba would leave Old Trafford. Juventus is even considered the strongest candidate to recruit the player.

However, in the end Pogba remained at Old Trafford and was still in the same situation.

Regarding this, Juventus sporting director Fabio Paratici admits that he still pays attention to Pogba’s situation. However, there are still no plans to reunite because he is still a MU player.

“For Pogba, he is currently a Manchester United player and it is too early to think about his future transfer targets.”

“We all care about Pogba, one of the former players who has given a lot to Juventus, but it is too early to talk about targets for the future,” Paratici told Sky Sport Italia.

Instead of sending Pogba home last summer, Juventus repatriated Alvaro Morata from Atletico Madrid.

“The first choice that always comes to our minds is always Morata, because we know him very well. He’s had two very good seasons with us,” said Paratici again.

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