Juventus want 10 consecutive Scudetto titles!

Juventus may have dominated the Italian Serie A for too long by winning 7 successive Scudetto titles in the last seven years, without any team being their strong competitors. But, believe it or not, Bianconneri is still hungry for the annual title and is determined to win three more Scudetto in a row, to fulfill their achievement of 10 consecutive Scudetto. So, who said this big ambition? Not from Juventus, but Manchester United’s tactician, Jose Mourinho.

Since returning to Serie A Italy, after having previously been thrown into Serie B following the Calciopoli scandal, Juventus was immediately seen as one of the giants who woke up from their sleep. Sure enough, since 2011 until now, they have won 7 Scudetto titles in a row, which during that period seemed to mean there were no rivals Bianconneri met. Interestingly, they have successfully stepped into the two European Champions League finals in the last three seasons.

Maybe, the dominance of Juventus in the Italian Serie A sounded too long, leaving a boring impression, but it did not necessarily make the club nicknamed the Old Lady lose their motivation to dominate Italian football again. In fact, recently Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho revealed the contents of his conversation with Juventus President, Andrea Agnelli, related to the club’s determination to win three more Scudetti, fulfilling their achievement to 10 consecutive Scudetto titles.

Mourinho was amazed because of the overwhelming ambition of the Italian Serie A giants, and they showed that by picking up a number of Top players last summer, including Cristiano Ronaldo.

“I was curious, then in the stadium hall, before the match I spoke with Agnelli. I then asked: ‘Since I left Inter [in 2010], you won seven consecutive Scudettos and the 8th will be coming soon.’ Then Agnelli replied: ’I don’t want 8, I want 10 Scudetto in a row!’.”

“I think that is a fantastic answer and statement. So the fact is Juve have won seven consecutive Scudetto, then bring Cristiano Ronaldo, Leonardo Bonucci, Emre Can, Joao Cancelo, it proves that they want more, more and more,” said Mourinho, as quoted by The Telegraph.

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