Juventus will accept all coming deals for Dybala

Amid the hot issue of the affairs of the Juventus high position officers, they heard news of certainty that Fabio Paratici was sure to be ready to accept all offers that came in the name of his interest in Paulo Dybala, it means the player was ready to be sold in the 2019 transfer market this summer.

This plan realizes that it is very difficult to release Dybala, as evidenced that not a single offer has been transferred to Fabio Paratici’s agenda as director of Juventus. The issue of the release of Dybala has been heard since the end of the 2019 season, where claims say if his name was not included in Maurizio Sarri’s plan in the Juventus attack line.

This situation then gave rise to many club names, including Manchester United which is rumored to have undergone negotiations with Juventus related to Dybala’s transfer. But all this is not clear until in the end Romelu Lukaku mentioned will be an added trade option with Dybala, moving to Inter Milan.

The real agreement happened, where Lukaku was willing to move to Juventus, but Dybala himself was admitted to refuse to play at Old Trafford. Not only Manchester United, there are also other English club names like Tottenham. However, until the normal time of the transfer window ends, there is no certainty from the club which strengthened by Harry Kane.

Until in the end Dybala still remained a part of Juventus, but there is no certainty from Sarri himself regarding the composition of his team’s forwards this season. Seen until now, Dybala has been rationed when Juventus have tested in their last few matches.

“The transfer market is still open, and there is still some interest. However, there is no club name closer to a sale. Paulo Dybala is a Juve player, and indeed, he is a great Juventus player. As I have said, as long as the transfer market is still open, there will still be discussion and negotiation, “said Fabio Paratici firmly.

The latest transfer market news says if it is trying to offer Dybala services to the French Ligue 1 offer, Paris Saint Germain. They sure have a chance to release him to PSG when Neymar moved. If predicted, Dybala has the potential to replace Neymar in the front line of PSG.

Fabio Paratici continues that Juventus are currently overloaded by players. There are several major obstacles in his current squad, namely the financial overload of salaries. For this reason, Juventus strives to give all players the opportunity to experience greater and more challenging competition with more decent hours of playing time out there.

“Too much talk and no transaction. However, we remain calm and confident. Luca Pellegrini, may soon join Cagliari in the near future, “concluded Fabio Paratici.

Fabio Paratici looks offensive to the status of his young players who were brought back to Turin after undergoing loan status last season. He is Pellegrini who will be released not permanently. This opportunity is very difficult, if the player wants to survive, then the opportunity for a 20-year-old to develop his career will be better with a new club.

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