Kartika Putri reveals reason why suddenly wears hijab

Kartika Putri’s appearance at this time is far from being an open and indulgent word. Now, this 29-year-old woman always wears hijab. It’s very contrast with the beginning of her appearance in front of the screen.

Yes, Kartika Putri was always wearing sexy clothes. In fact, not a few netizens who later criticized the appearance of the woman who was born in Palembang. But, none of the criticism from netizens made Kartika started to change.

Now, since 2018, surprisingly Kartika appeared in a much different style. The figure who is also known as a model finally decided to emigrate, by wearing more closed clothes and always wearing hijab.

Of course, the public wondered what’s the reason for Kartika, in the end wearing hijabs, or in accordance with Islamic Syariah. On Melanie Richardo’s Youtube Channel, she finally told a terrible experience.

Once upon a time, Kartika dreamed that she had died wearing a mini outfit or called ‘Tarzan’ clothing. Even more horrifying, his family and friends absolutely did not offer prayers for his body.

No wonder when awakened from the nightmare, Kartika immediately felt that she had been reprimanded by the Almighty.

“Then the next day I told Teh Mira I thought I wanted to wear a hijab. I do not obey the rules of God, I’m not calm. On the set, they listened to the teachers and their follow-ups,”

“I used to tarzan really right, pull down the top looks, pull up down under the visible, I as little as possible wear clothes. At that time, oh yes, yes I was a Muslim, and then I was satisfied too how come so long for tarzan,” she said on YouTube channel Melaney Ricardo.

Not only is the style of clothes changing, Kartika even takes off some fake trinkets on her face such as artificial eyebrows and fake eyelashes.

“Then I slowly changed. I erased my photos below first. Then I became a diligent prayer, the worship was calm, so it was not merely worldly. Yes, it happened until finally I emigrated, “she said.

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