Kim Kardashian finally deleted shower pic with Kylie Jenner

Recently, one of the sensational celebrities, Kim Kardashian uploaded a number of old photos on social media. Well, one of these photos is in the spotlight of netizens.

In the highlighted photo, Kanye West’s wife appears to be taking a shower with her sibling, Kylie Jenner.

Whether by coincidence or on purpose, both of them wore white shirts so they looked transparent, because they were wet. As a result, Kim and Kylie looked very sexy in the photo.

A well-known presenter Piers Morgan also commented on the photo,

“How strange,” wrote Piers, displaying the photo.

Comments from Piers Morgan were apparently supported by netizens, who have recorded more than 2.5 thousand Retweets to date. So the material for Netizen bullying, Kim then deleted the photo from social media.

“Nobody says happy birthday by uploading a nude photo with her sister,” wrote one netizen.

“Only narcissists choose photos like this for birthday wishes to others,” wrote another.

However, there are also netizens who are pro to Kim Kardashian’s posts. In fact, one account claimed that she would not hesitate to do a photo session like that if she really got high paid like Kim and Kylie.

“What’s strange? My sister and I are very close. If someone pays me thousands (dollars) to pose like this, then I will not hesitate,” she wrote.

Actually, Indonesian netizens were also busy discussing the incest case that happened to The Connell Twins. This became the talk of netizens after their video circulated on Twitter.

No doubt, both of them became targets of blasphemy from Indonesian netizens, considering that they also have Indonesian blood. However, The Connell Twins actually found it strange to see Indonesian netizens accessing these adult sites.

“I don’t understand why you still have access. Let me tell you, our subscribers at OnlyFans are Australians and Americans on average. That’s the first. And in Indonesia it was banned for some reason,” said Carly Connells in a video statement.

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