Kinsey Wolanski was attacked by Liverpool players

Kinsey Wolanski, known as the famous sexy pitch invader for ‘disturbing’ the course of the Champions League final between Tottenham vs Liverpool, again she horrified this world with the recognition of the arrival of several flirtatious messages from the Reds retainer.

The Champions League Final which played at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium on 2 June 2019, must be constrained by some actions that are not worthy of imitation. As we all know, when entering in the 25th minute of the first round, there was a woman who suddenly ran into the middle of the field with an impolite appearance.

Seen the woman ran very fast with only wearing a black bikini that almost showed all her sexy body shape. Luckily, the audience finally returned to watching the match very quickly, because Kinsey Wolanski’s action did not last long.

The security guard immediately moved quickly by securing Wolsey Kinsey off the field. This 22-year-old girl then received cynical cheers from supporters of both parties. Not long ago, legal proceedings were enforced with Kinsey Wolanski thrown into prison.

In the process, Kinsey Wolanski had to serve a five-hour sentence before being released. Interestingly here, when the liberation process does not immediately get peace in Kinsey Wolanski, it is known that Madrid police finally imposed a fine on her for 15 thousand Euros or around IDR 240 million.

This fine deserves dropping on Kinsey Wolanski, because her mission is very clear, the sexy woman does not just run around the field, but her real intention is to promote a lewd site belonging to her lover, who is a Russian Youtuber.

Like a storm passed so fast, where the action of Kinsey Wolanski is not only detrimental to one-sided, but profits come to her. It is known that Kinsey Wolanski’s popularity has also been boosted. In a brief confession of Kinsey Wolanski, the number of her Instagram followers increased six-fold.

“When I got out of prison, I was very surprised that I switched from 300,000 followers on Instagram to more than two million. You can’t buy that kind of publicity. I did not expect that I would become famous all over the world and get a generous job offer, “Kinsey Wolanski said.

“I thought I didn’t harm anyone, it was just a bit of fun. The fans liked it, the players seemed to like it and even the police at the station asked for my photo when I left. The response was amazing, I couldn’t be happier. It’s the biggest sensation of my life,” concluded Kinsey Wolanski.

This sexy woman is a model of two well-known adult magazines confessing that there are some Liverpool stars who are her followers. Do not stop there, there are also some players who send secret messages with a flirtatious impression and certainly invite a special attention.

“I will not reveal my real name, but two Liverpool players sent me a private flirtation message after I interrupted the game. One sent several heart emojis and the other sent a message, “I saw you in the match”, “she said.

Interestingly here, Wolanski’s confession invited questions after she did not reply to all the messages that entered her personal account. According to her, she already had a partner and this attitude became a sign of her loyalty to her lover.

“Honestly I don’t even know who they are until I click on their profile. I did not respond because I already had a boyfriend. Some people might ask how Vitaly makes money, but he is smart about what he does, ”

“This attitude is intended to be fun and he is truly the sweetest person who one day I hope to marry. He cannot be more proud of what I have done. “Wolanski closed.

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