Klopp: “Manchester City – a team without any weaknesses”

Liverpool managed to take over the top of the Premier League standings from the hands of Manchester City after successfully maintaining an unbeaten record in 17 matches so far. Previously, Citizen actually maintained the record, until finally experienced a defeat when they traveled to Stamford Bridge against the hosts, Chelsea. Related to this, Liverpool coach, Jurgen Klopp still looks at Pep Guardiola’s special squad which he thinks is a team that has no weaknesses.

In the beginning, Manchester City, which was the premier League defending champion, did hold the top of the standings, with a two-point lead over Liverpool who were ranked second. Unfortunately, after their first defeat at Chelsea’s headquarters two weeks ago, Pep Guardiola’s landing squad had to give up the top position taken over by Liverpool. Marseyside Team now leads the standings with a one-point lead over City, and still holds the title as an undefeated team of 17 Premier League parties so far.

Now can be said, Liverpool are the strongest team currently in the Premier League, because of the fact they haven’t swallowed the first defeat. But it doesn’t mean Manchester City is bad, because in fact they recorded more wins than Liverpool. In fact, the Reds manager, Jurgen Klopp, also considers City as a team that has no weaknesses, despite the defeat at Stamford Bridge yesterday.

“I have to respect City because they are very, very, very good. Many say City is sheltered with luck, but that is not true. Every match they always play right. That’s what makes them able to earn 100 points last season. I must admit, they have no weaknesses. They are defending champions and they still play like the championship team. The commitment to play that they show is something special,” said Klopp at a press conference.

Liverpool has the potential to widen the distance from City if it is able to beat the host, Wolverhampton on Friday (12/21). The City just played the next day by hosting Crystal Palace. Whereas Manchester City will face Southampton, continue then face Leicester City.

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