Klopp presents Premier League title for 2 Liverpool legends

Jurgen Klopp finally succeeded in getting Liverpool to win the title that has been waiting for the fans, the Premier League Champion. Of course he is proud, but the German coach wants to present the title to Two Club Legends.

For information, Liverpool has not actually played Matchday 31, but the defeat of its closest rival, Manchester City, made the Marseyside Team practically the champion.

Yes, Pep Guardiola’s troops were defeated when they visited Chelsea’s headquarters at dawn West Indonesia Time earlier. As a result of the defeat, Manchester City are now 23 points behind Liverpool. Mathematically it is no longer possible for City to pursue the remaining distance in 7 matches.

Many Liverpool players watched the match, including coach Jurgen Klopp. When he saw the final result, the former Borussia Dortmund coach was speechless.

Understandably, Liverpool have wanted the Premier League title since 30 years ago. But Klopp certainly did not want to enjoy it alone, he presented this prestigious title to two great Liverpool legends, Kenny Daglish and Steven Gerrard.

“It feels amazing. Bigger than I expected. Knowing how much support Kenny has for us, this trophy is for you,”

“He waited for 30 years and this also for Stevie. Everyone admires you and it’s easy to motivate the team because of our great history, “Klopp told Sky Sports.

Furthermore, Jurgen Klopp commented on the match between Chelsea against Manchester City which he said lasted Intense for 100 minutes.

“100 minutes were very intense from the City game, I didn’t want to be involved but had to be involved when I saw the match. He said.

Apart from that, Jurgen Klopp still sent flattery to his players and is a pride to ever handle the Reds squad at this time.

This is an extraordinary achievement from my players, really I’m happy to be able to train them, “he concluded.

Even though they have sealed the championship trophy, Liverpool must continue to play the remaining seven matches this season, where on Matchday 32 this weekend, they will fight Manchester city.

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