Klopp ‘surrender’ after Aston Villa scored the 7th goal

Liverpool really did not move when they visited Aston Villa’s headquarters in the Premier League continued this morning. Jurgen Klopp’s troops lost badly with a final score of 7-2.

Come to Villa Park Stadium, Liverpool have been slumping since the first half. Four goals were scored against Alisson Becker, while Jurgen Klopp’s men were only able to reply with one goal.

In the second half, the situation is more or less the same. Hosts Aston Villa managed to score three goals, while Liverpool again could only reply with one goal. The score of 7-2, Dean Smith’s troops, lasted until the game was over.

In a brief interview after the match, coach Jurgen Klopp admitted that he could only surrender when he saw Aston Villa score the 7th goal. He considered it impossible for his team to catch up with that much in the remaining matches.

“We had a great chance that was not taken advantage of, but when you concede seven, I’m not sure you can say that the game can end in a 7-7 draw,”

“We made too many mistakes and very big, of course. Everything started with the first goal and around the net we made a huge mistake,” Klopp told BBC Sport after the match.

In the view of the German coach, Liverpool’s players were too focused on returning goals, while the defense looked chaotic and in the end it was easily taken advantage of by the home team.

“We lost the ball in the wrong area and didn’t protect it well. Looks like we lost our way after the score went 0-1. That’s no excuse.”

“Normally, you can go 0-1 and do whatever you want. We made opportunities but did not protect ourselves very well. “He said.

This defeat is a bad memory in Liverpool’s history, especially in the Jurgen Klopp Era which is known to be full of success.

“Who wants to lose 2-7? Years ago we have told ourselves that we want to create history. We make history but it is definitely not the right kind,” he concluded.

Next, the Reds will face a more difficult opponent, Everton.

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