Kovacic been praised ‘outstanding’ by Lampard

The 2018-19 Europa League champion, Chelsea again proved its capacity as one of the best European teams after winning the 2019 Rakuten Cup event, by beating defending Spanish La Liga champions Barcelona with a final score of 2-1.

Chelsea’s victory is inseparable from the role of its central midfielder, Mateo Kovacic, who successfully bewitched thousands of spectators at Saitama Stadium, Tuesday night local time. Playing very well, then he was flooded with sweet praise by new Chelsea coach Frank Lampard.

Kovacic was not included in the Chelsea goal scorer list, but his role in managing the rhythm of the team both in attack and defense conditions successfully disrupted the Barcelona game. The Blues scored two goals by Tamy Abraham in the 34th minute and Ross Barkley in the 81st minute. While one Barcelona goal was scored by Ivan Rakitic.

There is nothing so worth comparing that Kovacic deserves praise, because he also does not provide assistance. But in Lampard’s eyes it was 180 degrees different, which dared to say the Croatian midfielder played very well.

According to Lampard’s view, Kovacic was able to become a regulator of the Blues’ play in midfield, dueting with Jorginho. Kovacic played for 70 minutes, successfully breaking the Barcelona attack and successfully giving his colleagues the opportunity to create opportunities.

“I thought he played amazingly in the first round. I really liked Kovacic last season, I often saw him at Chelsea. I often see the game and I really like what he has shown here. Since the first day of practice he showed hunger, work ethic and extraordinary talent. I want to work with him, “open Lampard.

Kovacic is a new player for Chelsea, although it has been seen as an old face, this is inseparable from the status that was just sweetened by the Blues after undergoing a season of loan from Real Madrid.

Kovacic came to Stamford Bridge at the start of the 2018-2019 season. At that time he worked with Maurizio Sarri, and in his career, Kovacic was fairly good by getting many opportunities to play as a regular.

“He has extraordinary talent, I like him. I am really happy, we know that we have advantages in midfield. I think, Kovacic can provide more for the team next season, “Lampard closed.

Many English football observers say if Kovacic is likely to become a major Chelsea player in the upcoming 2019-2020 season adventure. With the 4-2-3-1 tactics applied by Lampard in the Chelsea team, Kovacic could be a deadly duet with Jorginho in the middle of the line, and another option is with ‘Golo Kante’.

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