Lady Gaga breaks the heart of CR7’s ex-girlfriend, what happened?

The world’s top model, Irina Shayk, unexpectedly parted ways with Bradley Cooper. This couple who look romantic must end with a hot issue, where Bradley Cooper is reported to be having an affair with a sexy American singer, Lady Gaga.

Now the ex-lover of the Juventus mega star, Cristiano Ronaldo, must be able to convince himself to live alone since the beginning of June 2019. Investigating, the couple’s love affair has plunged into a chasm due to the scandal of the film A Star Is Born.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are two stars who played in the film. The two public figures are claimed to love the location after Bradley Cooper was busy taking care of the film rather than returning to hugging Irina Shayk and her small family.

Lady Gaga also immediately ended her affair with talent agent, Christian Carino. Interestingly, here are the two couples who were engaged last year.

The story of Irina Shayk’s journey is not too sweet, when with Ronaldo, the Russian model was only able to survive for five years before finally leaving Ronaldo alone. Now Irina Shayk is back in the world of modeling. The last time was the Irina Shayk catwalk in the CR Runway x LuisaViaRoma fashion show in Florence, Italy, Thursday, June 13, 2019 yesterday.

With all the hardships, Irina Shayk was named as a strong and strong woman. According to some reliable sources, Irina Shayk is now more focused on taking care of her child, Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper is so self-conscious. Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper herself is a daughter of Irina and Cooper.

The figure of the child became a strong determination for Irina Shayk to continue to look after her and try to get results to survive. In other words, this 33-year-old sexy woman is more prioritize her kid than her work as a model.

“The separation that is still young and having a daughter involved in it makes this difficult. However, Irina has done an extraordinary work of parenting together and will continue because their daughter is number one priority, “said a trusted source.

Irina Shayk, known as the Russian sexy model, is predicted to continue to show her beauty to the public, even though she will be busy taking care of her child.

“His friend had said, when you become a mother you have to wear a longer dress and don’t post sexy photos anymore. However, I do not agree. It’s about who you are. I am still me, it will not change, “said Irina Shayk.

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