Lampard acknowledges Chelsea’s victory colored by luck

Chelsea managed to win over Crystal Palace in the Premier League continued earlier this morning. After the match, coach Frank Lampard admitted that his team’s victory was tinged with a bit of luck.

As is known, Chelsea travel to Selhust Park stadium against host Crystal Palace on Matchday 34 Premier League, Wednesday morning WIB (08/07). In the match, the Blues were able to pocket three points.

However, that victory can be said to be not easily achieved by Chelsea, it also appears from the final score 3-2 the advantage of the visitors. In fact, in the last 10 minutes, the host created a number of dangerous opportunities to equalize.

No wonder if coach Frank Lampard thinks that the Eagles are a difficult opponent. When asked whether his team was shaded by luck in winning this, Lampard could not argue with that.

“In the last five minutes, maybe, yes.” He said.

But, the former Chelsea player did not necessarily admit the host was superior. In fact, according to him when winning two goals, the blues should not be missed by two goals from the host.

In fact, the person concerned saw a number of opportunities created by Willian et al.

“We should have locked the match 2-0. We should be able to control the match better, then when the score is 3-2 we also have a mature chance to finish it. ”

“But due to a number of wrong decisions in the final third area or on the final shot, the pressure arrived,” he added.

Meanwhile, the process of Chelsea’s first goal scored by Willian is fairly colored by luck. Because, Gary Cahill who escorted the Brazilian player suddenly fell while running backwards, thus making the opposing players freely break down the host’s goal.

Regarding the fatal blunder, coach Frank Lampard claimed to sympathize with Garry Cahill.
“Of course I am sympathetic, because I know Gary, we are friends, and you can immediately know that the injury was bad when he saw it fall,” continued Lampard.

“However, we must continue to play and complete the attack, no one will throw the ball in such a situation. Obviously you feel sorry for Gary personally.” He said.

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