Lampard believes Mourinho will be back to be a coach soon

The current dismissal has become commonplace for Portuguese manager, Jose Mourinho, as at the beginning of this week he was officially sacked from the chair of manager Manchester United. That way, at the last three clubs handled by Mourinho, the concerned always found dismissal. Of course that’s not good for The Special One’s reputation, but Chelsea’s legend, Frank Lampard believes Mourinho will soon get a new job.

Earlier this week, Manchester United announced a very surprising decision, in which they officially ended their collaboration with Portuguese manager, Jose Mourinho. With that decision, the Special One training period ends at Old Trafford which has lasted for approximately two and a half seasons.

This decision was considered shocking because there was no indication that Mourinho would be fired, even though it was the issue of Zinedine Zidane’s recruitment last summer. Apart from that, the dismissal made Mourinho add to his bad record, because before this the former FC Porto coach had been sacked twice, each while handling Real Madrid, then after Chelsea.

Of course it was a bad record for the 55-year-old coach, even though he was later known as a coach who won two treble winners with two different clubs. But the former Chelsea player who ever trained by Mourinho, Frank Lampard has confidence that the manager will soon return to training.

“Maybe. This is Mourinho’s pose. Anything can happen. He will be in demand because he is a great coach and because of what he has done in this game. Now it’s up to him – he can rest, maybe he deserves a little break because of the pressure he faces. I’m not sure it’s fun, outside pressure. But he is an active man and will return to the match, whether in the Premier League or world football. And he will also be in the top [team], because he is the top coach, “Lampard told the reporter.

Furthermore, Lampard said how Jose Mourinho made it increase, especially in terms of confidence.

“He gave me confidence, he was a coach and training and his preparation for the match as a group was brilliant.”

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