Lampard confident to recruit Thiago Silva, because of…

Frank Lampard’s decision to bring Thiago Silva to Stamford Bridge this summer has raised questions on the minds of some. Naturally, because the Brazilian defender is no longer young.

As is known, Thiago Silva was recruited by Chelsea after his contract with Paris Saint-Germain ended. In other words, the former AC Milan player was obtained free of charge by the Blues.

The hope, of course, is for the team’s defense to be stronger this season, especially considering the fact that the Blues’ defensive line was fragile last season where they conceded 54 goals.

It’s just that, this club’s decision invites a lot of doubts, because Thiago Silva is no longer young, which is 35 years old.

Regarding this, Lampard himself already knew that someone would question his decision, but the coach had his own reasons.

He admitted that he was impressed with Thiago Silva after seeing his performance with PSG in the Champions League final last month. Silva did participate in the first minute of the match where PSG were beaten with a final score of 0-1.

“I have no worries about bringing him into [the squad] because when I watched him on his way to the Champions League final, he looked fit and like the Thiago Silva I know,”

“He will also give us his experience playing in a championship team and what it takes to win,” he told NBC Sports.

Apart from his quality, Thiago Silva with his wealth of experience is considered to be able to nurture and lead the young players in the Chelsea defense.

“I hope he can lead the line in terms of how he restrains himself and communicates with other players, because we have younger players around him,” he added.

“And the hope is that it will show some of the defensive problems I have mentioned,” concluded Lampard.

Chelsea itself has just won a victory over Brighton and Hove Albion in the Premier League continued on Monday night WIB yesterday (14/09). Unfortunately, Silva cannot play because his condition is not yet fit.

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