Lampard sacked by Chelsea, this is Jose Mourinho’s response

Tottenham Hotspur tactician Jose Mourinho also commented on Chelsea’s dismissal of their coach, Frank Lampard. So, what does the person who has experienced this experience say before?

In fact, Frank Lampard was appointed to handle Chelsea since the 2019/20 season yesterday. In his first season as coach of the Blues, the results did not disappoint, Chelsea successfully penetrated the European Champions League Zone.

However, in their second season or in the 2020/21 season which is just halfway through, Chelsea have had a string of bad results.

In the last eight matches in the Premier League, the Blues have even won only two wins. As a result, the club slumped to 9th place in the standings.

In that position, the London club is 11 points behind the top, who is none other than Manchester United. Indeed, the season still has 19 games left, but of course this is not a good sign.

Moreover, Chelsea is a club that likes to change coaches, as a result they also fired Frank Lampard from the manager’s chair earlier this week. The former Chelsea captain was officially fired after 18 months of dealing with Giroud Dkk.

Lampard’s dismissal is clearly in the spotlight, especially for Jose Mourinho who was treated similarly by Chelsea. However, The Special One, who is now handling Tottenham Hotspur, admitted that he had not spoken to Lampard about the dismissal.

“I don’t think Frank wants to talk to me or with anyone apart from a close circle of family and friends,” Mourinho was quoted as saying by the Evening Standard.

What is clear, the man from Portugal admits that he is saddened by what happened to Lampard, because after all he was his mainstay player while still handling Chelsea.

“But I am always sad when a colleague loses his job and Frank is not just a colleague. He is an important person in my career, so I feel sad too,” he continued.

Mourinho considers what happened to Lampard is one example of the cruelty of Modern football.

“This is the brutal side of football, especially modern football., When you become a coach, you know that sooner or later it will happen.” He said.

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