Lautaro Martinez joins Barcelona in the near future?

A claim came from Adrian Ruben Fernandez as President of the Racing Club Youth Team, former Lautaro Martinez club.

Lautaro Martinez himself is indeed one of the players who performed brilliantly with Inter Milan this season. Since being handled by Antonio Conte and also the departure of Mauro Icardi, the 22-year-old player has become a mainstay on the front lines with Romelu Lukaku.

Ciamik Lautaro’s actions claimed to make a number of clubs interested in recruiting him, especially Barcelona. La Liga defending champions are reported to want to recruit the player in the upcoming transfer market, they consider him an ideal successor to Luis Suarez.

In his confession, Adrian claimed that Lautaro Martinez had been contacted by Lionel Messi regarding an invitation to play in Barcelona.

“Messi has called him and said he wanted to play with him,” Adrian explained to Sport.

Adrian revealed that so far the negotiation process went smoothly, and he was sure that in the near future the 22-year-old striker would move closer to Barcelona.

“I believe that the agreement has almost happened.” He said.

As someone who saw first hand the development of Lautaro while still playing for the Racing Club academy team, Adrian believes the player will develop much better in Barcelona.

“I know that he will play well in Barcelona and Lautaro is the perfect successor to Luis Suarez. At Barca, he will grow rapidly both as a player or as a person.” He continued.

Especially in Barcelona there is the figure of Lionel Messi, the best player in the world and his fellow players in the Argentine National Team.

“He will play with the world’s best players for the next three or four years. Being able to play with Messi will help his development and will help him in the National Team. Lautaro and Leo can improve each other’s understanding on the field,” he said.

But, what Adrian said sounded contrasting with the reports circulating before. It is believed that Lautaro’s transfer to Barcelona is difficult to realize in the upcoming transfer market, because Inter Milan set a very high price for the player.

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