Leverkusen wonderkid ready to slide Ozil’s position at Arsenal

London Cannon Club, Arsenal reportedly has taken the decision to bring Bayer Leverkusen wonderkid, Kai Havertz as a substitute option for the rumored Mesut Ozil position at the Emirates Stadium.

As has become hot news in one season, Ozil’s name is not included in Unai Emery’s big plan. Based on thet, why Ozil’s name is so viral will leave the club he has been defending for the past 5 seasons.

In this case, Arsenal have given a wide door to the interest club Ozil. Not only gossip, the player’s own agent claimed to have taken care of Ozil’s departure files.

This situation clearly forced Unai Emery to immediately find a new alternative as Ozil’s replacement, and the proper name was Havertz. The name of this player is not a new name for Emery. Based on a statement from the closest source the coach said if the name Haverts had actually been the target of Emery since the winter transfer market in January.

Although failed to get in the transfer market yesterday, but many parties believe that Arsenal’s positive steps will only occur on the exchange next summer. Not only about Arsenal, but it also received a positive response from the 19-year-old because he wanted to gain experience playing at a club level higher than Leverkusen.

On the other hand, Emery’s position is under threat because in recent weeks there have been poor results. The last time they lost to Bate 1-0 in the European League group stage was Stanislaw Drahun’s goal in the 45th minute of the first round.

Leg 2 will later act as the host which will be held on February 22, 2019. In the prediction the Gunners will win big at the Emirates Stadium, and only need 2 goals to ensure themselves stepping into the next round.

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