Lewis Hamilton is not necessarily race next season

Just one step away, Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton secured the world title of Formula 1 GP for the 2020 season. However, it is interesting that the man from Great Britain admitted that he may not continue to race next season.

For information, Lewis Hamilton himself has just won the main podium at the Emilia Rimagna GP. The race at the Imola Circuit took place last Sunday (01/11).

Meanwhile, Hamilton’s teammate, Valteri Bottas, won the second podium. That way the Mercedes Team has secured the world title of Constuctor at the 2020 Formula 1 GP.

The reason is, so far the Mercedes team has collected no less than 479 points. With only four races remaining in the 2020 season, mathematically there is no other team that can catch up with the German manufacturer’s points.

In fact, the constructors’ world title is the 7th consecutive Mercedes team. As for Lewis Hamilton, this is his 9th win in the 2020 season.

With this victory, the 35-year-old Driver is getting closer to the seventh world title in his career. He can lock it in the Turkish Grand Prix on November 15, with a minimum requirement of finishing in 2nd position.

With this extraordinary achievement, it sounds impossible if Lewis Hamilton will not continue his career next season. The person concerned himself admitted that he still wanted to continue racing, but he did not guarantee this.

“I don’t even know if I’m still here next season, so that’s not my focus at the moment. We’re in November, it’s crazy, it’s Christmas soon. I’m feeling great, still feeling really strong. I think I can. continue to race for the following months. ”

“But you guys mention about Toto and age, a lot of things are on my mind. I want to be here next season, but there is no guarantee about that. There are many things outside of racing that make me enthusiastic, so time will tell,” Hamilton said, quoted by Sky Sports.

For information, Lewis Hamilton’s current contract at Mercedes remains until the end of this season and there is no new contract agreement yet.

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