Lewis Hamilton officially extended his contract with Mercedes

After a long period of mystery and speculation, in the end the world champion of Formula 1 for the 2020 season, Lewis Hamilton decided to continue racing for the 2021 season after agreeing a new contract with the Mercedes AMG Petronas team.

For information, the 7-time World Champion did raise speculation regarding his future in the Formula 1 event. How could he not? Hamilton has not yet agreed to a new contract from the Mercedes AMG Petronas team until the 2020 season ends.

According to information heard at the time, Lewis Hamilton still did not want to accept the proposal for a new contract extension from Mercedes because he wanted a higher contract value.

But in the end, after going through a fairly tough negotiation process, Hamilton then accepted the offer of a new contract from the German manufacturer, as stated in the official release of the Mercedes AMG Petronas Team website, Monday (08/02).

With this contract extension, the British Racer will automatically undergo his 15th season in Formula 1 or the 9th season with the Mercedes AMG Petronas team.

The 36-year-old rider admitted that he was very excited to undergo the 2021 season with the Mercedes AMG Petronas team and was determined to repeat the successes like the previous seasons.

“I am very excited to face my ninth season with my crew at Mercedes. Our team has achieved so many amazing things together, and we are looking forward to building our success even higher, while continuing to improve, both on and off the track.”

“I am truly excited to continue the journey we started in making the world of racing more diverse for future generations, and I am grateful that Mercedes has been so supportive of my actions on this issue.” Lewis Hamilton said in the Mercedes team’s official website.

Furthermore, Hamilton said he was proud to be able to extend his contract period with the Mercedes Team.

“I’m proud to say that we worked even harder this year by launching a foundation dedicated to diversity and inclusion in this sport. I am inspired by everything we have built together and I look forward to getting back on track in March,” he concluded.

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