Lewis Hamilton send congratulations to Gasly

Lewis Hamilton as the defending champion and candidate for champion this season, did not hesitate to send his congratulations to Pierre Gasly on the victory that the French racer achieved at the Italian Race last weekend.

As is known, the Alpha Tauri Team Rider succeeded in becoming the fastest in Formula 1 last weekend which was held at the Monza Circuit, Italy.

Of course this victory means a lot to Pierre Gasly, due to the fact that this is the first time he won in the Formula 1 event. No wonder many people heaped praises on the 24-year-old racer.

The defending champion as well as a candidate for champion this season, Lewis Hamilton also did not hesitate to heap praise too. He considers Gasly to be a young racer, who has proven himself to be competitive and worthy of competing in the highest stage of F1 racing.

“Congratulations to Pierre (Gasly). It’s a fantastic result for him and it’s great to see the podium filled with young riders. Obviously, I’ve seen what Pierre went through, being dropped from the top team and then beating that top team today, ”

“It’s great to see him recover and see him grow, so I’m really happy for him.” said Hamilton.

In fact, Lewis Hamiltons four was leading the race, it was a shame he had to endure the ‘Stop and Start’ penalty. As a result, the Rider from Great Britain had to settle for finishing in 7th place.

Regarding this, Hamilton admitted that he was disappointed, he admitted that he did not see a sign that stated that the Pit Line was being closed.

“I was not destined for this race. I don’t see a sign that says the pit lane is closed because I was following the delta safety car on my dashboard. ”

“So, I take responsibility for that and that is something that we will investigate and study. I really gave my all. To be honest I didn’t expect to get the seventh and fastest lap at that time in the race, “said Hamilton.

Even so, Lewis Hamilton is currently still topping the Formula 1 standings.

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