Lifelong friendships can increase longevity

The number of friends we have will usually decrease with age. The busyness of each person makes the circle of friendship cone from day to day. Even so, there are some cases of close friends or friends who will continue to accompany us until the old days later.

Friendship is beautiful, especially that friendship can be for a very long time. Need each other, support each other, and of course there are many positive things that can be done with friendship. Maybe you don’t believe it, but the fact is that friendship until old age can actually prolong our lives.

Launching from the CNA page found if people who have true friends for a long time or until they are adults, especially families, can actually extend the life of these people. The experts found that people who have real friends and many friends in their old age will add age.

People who have close friends will usually be happier and happier in living their lives, compared to those who don’t, or have few friends.

As the results of the study, someone who has friends or close friends will bring a big positive influence in his life. People who have real friends are usually calmer in life and comfortable. People who have many friends are also usually motivated to live better, compared to those who have few friends.

Research conducted by Dan Buettner of National Heographic found that friendship or friendship has many positive effects on a person’s life. It is also useful to make a person’s life longer.

In essence, the people closest to us or our friends will continue to support us in a more positive direction. For example, you are a heavy smoker and complain of chest pain to one of your best friends, of course he will immediately ask you to stop or reduce smoking. The same thing will be done by other
friends, until you really are compelled to stop smoking.

Another example when experiencing life problems, our friends will certainly come to provide solutions and help us find the best way.

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