Lionel Messi banned from CONMEBOL for 3 months

The committee of the highest governing body of South American football, CONMEBOL, has finally officially released their decision expressly sanctioning a ban on playing in the international arena for the next three months against the Argentine national team mega star, and Barcelona club, Lionel Messi.

These sanctions were issued when Messi’s remarks were controversial by complaining about the referee’s leadership after Argentina was eliminated by Brazil in the 2019 Copa America semifinals. In the match, Messi questioned the referee’s decision not to give Argentina a penalty on two occasions.

Messi’s annoyance was even more apparent when he was red-carded by the referee during the match for the third place contra Chile due to a feud with Gary Medel. This match provides speculation from Messi by saying that CONMEBOL is a corrupt institution and the Copa America 2019 has been neatly arranged by appointing Brazil as the champion.

Before the decree was officially released, the public was confused by the certainty of CONMEBOL which only gave Messi sanctions for a ban on one match and a fine of 150 US Dollars. But now everything is clear, where CONMEBOL via its official website ensures that Messi received sanctions prohibiting the strengthening of Argentina for three months from 3 August 2019.

Do not stop at the ban on playing alone, Messi is also required to pay a fine of 50 thousand US Dollars due to hot comments made to CONMEBOL. This suspended penalty ensured Messi could not appear in the inaugural match of the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers, and missed the test matches against Chile, Mexico and Germany.

If referring to this case, then you could say the red card is a card that is foreign to Messi’s soccer career. Proven since in Barcelona uniform, Messi was never sent off by the match referee.

Unlike the international level, where Messi first got a red card when defending Argentina at the age of 18 years against Hungary. The card was received by Messi when he entered from the bench due to elbowing the opponent.

The ban on playing Messi is claimed to also benefit Argentina, especially for the coach, Lionel Scaloni. Where he can implement different tactics without the presence of Messi, and this is very good so that Argentina is not always dependent on it.

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