Lionel Messi can play forever?

Lionel Messi is indeed the best player in the world, his performance is always amazing in almost every game. However, at this time Messi will soon turn 33, meaning his retirement is near. Regarding this matter, Mascherano has a different view. According to him, the player nicknamed La Pulga can play forever.

It is undeniable that Lionel Messi is one of the best players in the world in the last 15 years. He has won six Ballon d’Or and a series of other individual titles so far. Together with Barcelona, Messi has also won 10 Spanish La Liga titles, 4 European Champions League titles and a number of other trophies.

The action in almost every game is always amazing. How to pass, dribble the ball, pass the opponent’s obstacles to score goals are always awaited by Barcelona fans. Of course the public wants to see Messi’s glorious actions even longer. But, even a Messi cannot fight the age factor that is a scourge for many footballers.

For information, now Messi is 32 years old, soon to be 33 years old. The countdown for his retirement can be done from now on. It is undeniable, the days of Messi leaving the world of football as a player will come soon. The connoisseurs of football have clearly begun to think of Messi who hung up his boots in a few years.

However, Messi’s former colleague in Barcelona and Argentina national team, Javier Mascherano expressed a different opinion. For him, Messi can play until any age. That is because Lionel Messi does not rely physically on the field, but the brain.

“I think Leo can continue playing at any time. The understanding that Leo already has the game is unique. It gives you the potential to play to any age. For this reason, it doesn’t really depend on your physical attributes, because the real understanding lies in his head,”

“It seems everyone already knows about what he has been doing on the field. However, he always ends up free. “It’s a crazy thing, he mastered the game,” he told TyC Sports.

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