Lionel Messi doesn’t need a World Cup trophy to prove his quality

One of Brazil’s legends, Zico, spoke up about the notion of people about Lionel Messi, who had not been able to win the World Cup trophy throughout his career as a soccer player. Following the fact that at the upcoming World Cup in 2022, La Pulga will turn 35 years old, the public began to doubt his opportunity to steal the trophy, but according to Zico, Messi did not need to win the World Cup to prove his quality.

Lionel Messi, 31, is undoubtedly the world’s best player in the past decade. Together with the Portuguese player, Cristiano Ronaldo, the concerned competed to be the best in the last decade. Messi himself won 5 Ballon d’Or trophies, as did Cristiano Ronaldo.

With all his achievements at club and individual levels, it’s no wonder that many consider Messi to be one of the best players in football history. But with the fact that he hasn’t won anything along with the Argentine National Team, not a few also judge that Messi isn’t worthy of being considered the best player in history. He still needs to win the World Cup trophy with Argentina, even though he has reached the final in 2014.

With the fact that Messi will turn 35 years old at the upcoming 2022 Qatar World Cup, many doubt the chance for La Pulga to win the title. According to Zico as a Brazilian legend, in fact Messi did not need to win the World Cup to be considered one of the best players in history.

“This is not a frustration. People now only think about achievement. I think your career, your job is the most important thing. Football is a collective sport and in many times it does not depend on whether you play well. This depends on whether the team plays well.

“Sometimes you determine matches, but you cannot determine a competition. So, Messi’s services cannot be ignored because he did not win the World Cup. [Johan] Cruyff doesn’t win the World Cup and is one of the best players in history and always will be. And many other players are the same,” said Zico to Omnisport when asked about the problem of never being a World’s Champion.

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